Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nicolas Painchaud represents Fang Shen Do at SFL (Submission Fight League)

Nicolas Painchaud is a dedicated martial artist who worked hard to end up at the top of his division in the Regional Grappling League called SFL (Submission Fight League).

Here's a highlight video created by the SFL Staff from Nicolas' matches throughout the year.

Nicolas trains at our Brossard location under the guidance of Sifu Marc Beauchamp. These grappling competitions are a great way to build confidence and gain experience.

Thank You to the SFL team for putting on a well organized tournament with competitors from all over Eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Sibok Martin

Friday, December 6, 2013

Firewalk in Casselman, Ontario this Weekend!

What would you do if you were standing at the edge of this fire pit?

Would you boldly walk across it?

Or would you let fear paralyze you?

The fire pit, just before taking the leap and crossing it.
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